Welcome to GiveHappiness

Assuming all has gone according to plan, you are on this site because you received a text or email saying that a mysterious person wants to send you an anonymous gift.

To proceed to the next phase, read the following instructions in their entirety.

How this works:

Someone wants to send you a gift. They have a few ideas of things you might like. And they really want to make sure both that it is a) a surprise, and that b) you like it.
As you will see on the form at the bottom of this page, we will ask you some general questions to determine which of the gifts to send you. We will not share your answers. We will send this gift to the mailing address you specify.
After you receive the gift, please reply with a thank-you photo, video, or message that we will forward to your gift-giver.

Questions you may have:

Can you tell me who is sending me this gift?
Yes, we can. But no, we will not. All gifts are anonymous. Both you and the gift-giver will be happier if you never find out who the giver was.

Will you share my mailing information with the person sending me the gift?
No, to respect the privacy of all parties, mailing addresses are not shared amongst users.

Can I know the exact date the gift will arrive?
We can tell you if it is necessary for you to successfully retrieve the package, but you will be happier if you do not know. Your happiness goes up while you are anticipating a positive event. In this case, your gift recipient will anticipate receiving a gift, and you will anticipate receiving a thank-you note or video from them letting you know how happy they were to receive a surprise gift in the mail.

Is this a scam?
1. It is 100% free to receive a gift. 2. GiveHappiness will only ever ask you for mailing address information, and some other general information to help get you a gift. So if someone is asking for id information, or credit card, or other invasive questions then it's not us, and may be a scam.
To confirm it was really us who reached out to you, you can send your name and how you were contacted to our team of secret minions. To do so, email: minion at givehappinessdotcom.

May I use Gift Happiness to send gifts?
We are volunteer run and have limited capacity. Therefore, only people who have already received a gift from Give Happiness and also replied with a thank you may send gifts from Give Happiness.

Can I post about this on social media?
We have a strict no-social-media policy or telling your friends you got a gift via givehappiness policy. The first time anyone hears about GiveHappiness should be when they get an email or text from GiveHappiness. You know that suspicion you have as you are reading this page not even sure if this service is real? GiveHappiness is more fun for everyone if everyone gets to feel surprised.

Who is behind GiveHappiness?
This site itself is a gift. We are all volunteers (and as you might be able to tell from this basic html website, none of us are web developers). Keeping our identities anonymous means that you get the pleasure of imagining that anyone you know might be responsible for this platform. And we get to feel the pride of working on a secret project.

Congratulations! You have read these instructions in their entirety, the magic code you should paste into the final question is: Yes! I have read the instructions and promise to keep everything about this project a secret. Also, I totally understand that it would be gracious of me to send a thank you note, photo, or video after I receive my gift, but I am in no way obligated or expected to do so.

Now, you may fill out the form: